Trick Or Treat . . .

Halloween is NEXT week! If you’re taking your kids out trick or treating or you’re sending them out with someone else, here are some tips to keep in mind to keep them safe this year:

  • Work safety into their costume! Your kids need to be able to be seen and to be able to see!
  • Kids under 13 should be taken trick or treating or out to parties by a trusted adult. This can depend on a lot of factors – like what time they are going out, where they are going, how many kids are in the group, etc.
  • Have an agreed on time when the kids must be back from trick or treating or parties.
  • If you can, let them carry a cell phone – if only for the night! – so that they are easy to get a hold of and have a way of getting hold of you if they need to!
  • Whether they’re out alone or with you, talk with your kids of all ages about safe walking habits – stay in groups and the light, cross at corners, don’t come out from behind cars into the lane of travel, pay attention to your surroundings, etc.

Don’t forget our costume tips or night driving tips! Watch out for all the little ghosts and goblins out there next week! And don’t forget to stop by the fire station for our annual Halloween party! This year our bays are being taken over by zombies!

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