There Is A Room That’s Full Of Toys . . .

‘Tis the season for gift shopping and lists to Santa!

Kids and adults alike often don’t think about the age-range that is found on toys – or think that they are downright silly!

But it is incredibly important to follow these age-ranges! These are specially formulated with your kids in mind!

For starters, they are about safety! Things with small parts or could easily break, etc. are automatically put in a higher age-range! This is to make sure that little ones who are still exploring their world with their mouths don’t choke or otherwise get hurt!

They are also meant to be developmentally appropriate. Different age-ranges have different abilities that they are great at and that they need to work on, like gross motor skills. They also find different things eye-catching or appealing. The age-ranges take these into account as well so that the toys won’t be too easy or too difficult for your child. Kids need a chance to work on skills but still need to be able to successfully use the toy so they don’t get too frustrated and give up.

So when you’re making up your lists this year, check on those age-ranges! Make sure that they are developmentally appropriate and, more importantly, SAFE for the children in your life!

For more toy safety tips, check out last year’s toy post! We hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

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