Cold Weather

Here are some more tips to keep in mind during winter storms and extremely cold weather:

-Wear multiple loose, light layers. Wear gloves, hats and scarves. Wear water resistant boots and coats.
-Walk slowly outside. You can also scatter kitty litter on pathways to help keep you from slipping.
-Stock up on necessary supplies to limit how often you need to go out on the roads. Extreme winter weather can also knock out the power so make sure that you have supplies on hand in case of that scenario as well.
-Check on vulnerable family, friends, and neighbors.
-Bring pets inside. If you cannot bring them in, make sure that they have fresh, unfrozen water and some place warm and dry to go.
-To help keep pipes from freezing, turn water on a trickle and leave it running. Keep cupboard doors open to let the warmer house air circulate around the pipes (but be sure and remove any household cleaners that children might get into!).
-Stoves, ovens, grills, camper stoves, and generators are not for heating houses. It is incredibly dangerous to try to use any of these indoors for prolonged periods. They lead to a build up in carbon monoxide and they will kill you.
-Keep anything flammable three feet away from fire places, space heaters, etc. Turn them off or put them out before you leave or go to bed.

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