Only You . . .

Today we’re going back to camping basics! We’re going to talk about how to properly put out a campfire. We want to avoid headlines like this and like this! Both of these stories could have turned out far worse too!

Before we begin, please remember that our ODF district is currently under Public Use Restrictions (Regulated Use) which means that open fires, including campfires, are prohibited except at designated locations on any land within our district and any land within 1/8 of a mile of ODF protected land until further notice. Further, all open flames, including campfires, are prohibited in all Oregon state parks, including the beach, until further notice. This statewide ban, which began on July 19, is only expected to last one week but officials will base their decision to remove the ban on weather condition, fire danger levels, etc.

How to put out a campfire the right way:

  • If you can, allow the wood to burn all the way down to ashes.
  • Drown the campfire. Do not just focus on the red hot embers and drown the entire campfire. Keep adding water until the hissing stops!
  • Stir with a shovel. Scrape embers off any remaining sticks or logs. And stir the ashes. Make sure there are no embers that are smoldering and exposed.
  • Drown the campfire site again.
  • Touch the site. If the campfire site is too hot to touch, it’s too hot for you to leave it alone! Wait for the site to cool down before leaving your campfire site.

Remember what Smokey says – only you can prevent a forest fire! It’s our job to keep our forests green and our communities safe. Follow any regulations and fire safety suggestions for the area that you are living or visiting in and always make sure to properly put out your campfires!

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