Here’s is the safety tip on stranger danger that your volunteers delivered in the schools last week!

You must not ever judge a book by its cover –
Whether they’re ugly or the prettiest ever,
A stranger is a stranger and you should take care
At the store or park or even the county fair!
No talking! No gifts! And quite certainly no trips!
Forget their “lost dog” and remember well these tips!
Don’t worry about their feelings, firmly say NO!
Hit, kick, pinch, or bite if you must, just run! Just GO!
Raise your voice to be heard! Let the world know! YELL!
Find a safe person, like a teacher or firefighter, and TELL!

With all of the kids, we talked about how so many people in this world are good people who wouldn’t hurt us but there are some that are not good people who will hurt us. We explained that we can’t tell if someone is good or bad by the way that they look – in cartoons, the bad guy is often ugly and the hero is attractive but in the real world some people might not fit our definition of attractive but have good and true hearts while some beautiful people are mean and cruel. We talked about safe places and people to go to if someone tries to grab or hurt them.

With the younger kids, we talked a little bit about some of the situations that they might encounter and how it’s ok to yell and fight back.

With the older kids, we talked about how these lessons still apply to them – hitchhiking, online predators, etc.

Have you talked with your kids about stranger danger?

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