Look. Listen. Learn . . .

October is Fire Prevention Month! October 7-13 was Fire Prevention Week and this year’s theme was Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware – fire can happen anywhere.

We delivered this safety tip based on the theme to pre-K-5th last week and 6th-8th yesterday during our fire prevention month presentations! The high school students will be getting theirs next month!

Could a fire get a spark? LOOK!
Check where you sleep and where you cook!
When your smoke alarms beep – LISTEN!
Getting out should be your mission!
Do you know your two ways out? LEARN!
So that you won’t take a wrong turn!
And most of all, just BE AWARE –
Fire can happen anywhere!

This theme is about simple steps to take to prevent fires and how to get out safely when a fire starts!

Look! We encourage everyone to look around their homes, work spaces, etc. for hazards that could lead to a fire, such as potholders kept too close to the stove or an extension cord with things stacked on top of it, and take steps to fix those hazards!

Listen! We want to remind everyone that when you hear a smoke alarm, you stop everything and get out of the house or building! Do not stop to look for your phone or laptop or anything else, just get out and stay out! You may only have up to 2 minutes to escape a house fire – make sure your smoke alarms are working properly by testing them monthly and changing the batteries as instructed by the manufacturer and get out of the house when you hear them go off!

Learn! We encourage every family to learn two ways out of every room of their home, work, and school! If one exit is blocked, you’ll immediately know where to go to get out! Make sure that all exits – windows and doors – are free of clutter and are easy to access!

And finally, be aware! Fire can happen anywhere!

Take some time to talk as a family about fire safety and complete the activity books we handed out!

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