Let’s Not Get Carried Away . . .

With our current Flood Watch and the Luckiamute on the National Weather Service rivers to watch list, now is a good time to talk about flooding!

Throughout flooding events, keep an eye on our Facebook page and other credible sources to find out about any updates, upgrades, road closures, and evacuations.

Even before there is flooding, there is a lot of rain, slick roads, and standing water on our roads. Drive safe! Please remember to slow down and use your headlights! Never, ever walk or drive through water during flooding events! It is often contaminated with raw sewage and various chemicals. It also sweeps people off their feet at only one foot and carries cars away at only two feet! Plus, the water makes it impossible to know the condition of the road beneath the water! It could be washed out completely. If you come upon a road barricade, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO AROUND IT. Find an alternate route.

You can help keep standing water off our roads by “adopting” a storm drain! We talk about clearing your home’s gutters in the fall but storm drains need your help too! Every day or two, check the storm drain to make sure it is clear of leaves and other debris. If there are leaves blocking it, carefully clear them away so that the storm drain is able to do its job!

Remember you know your property. You know its geography and how prone it is to flooding. Follow weather alerts to know if flooding is expected in the area (some alerts will include specific creeks, rivers, etc.), watch the watercourses near your home, and plan according.

If you need sandbags, you can go to the southeast side of the Falls City Public Works’ shop on Parry Road across from the Post Office. It is a self-serve site. Bags are stored in the pipe next to the sand pile but you will need to bring your own shovel. And be sure to check out our post on how to fill, stack, and dispose of sand bags.

If you are outside of Falls City and want to pick up some sandbags on your way home, here are some locations (during each flooding event, we keep a list of open sandbag locations on our Facebook page):

~In City of Dallas:
-At the Polk County Public Works Shops, 820 SW Ash St. In small building on left towards the front. Set up year round, gate opened during bad weather. Shovels provided. Self-serve site.
-Behind Dallas High School1250 SW Holman Av. Bags are located in the box next to the sand. Bring your own shovel. Self-serve site..
-The parking lot west of the Lyle Sports Complex on Ellendale. Bring your own shovel. Self-serve site.

~In City of Independence:
-At 555 S Main St in the gravel lot just before City Hall and across from the Independence Police Department parking lot.

~In City of Salem:
Park and Ride at Wallace Road NW and Brush College Road NW
Public Works Operations1420 20th Street SE

Don’t forget to check out our previous post on sandbags! You can learn how to properly fill and effectively place your own sandbags.

Be safe out there and remember, we’re here if you need us!

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