Home Fire Drills . . .

Saturday, October 13 is Home Fire Drill Day! It’s a great day to practice your family home escape plan – or put one together as a family if you don’t have one yet!

These days, you sometimes only have 2 minutes to get out of a burning house! That makes it incredibly important that everybody in your family knows exactly what to do if a fire starts in your home!

We started doing school fire drills after a devastating 1958 fire killed 93 children. Now, we don’t lose kids in school fires – we lose kids in house fires! All these years we thought school fire drills were enough. That kids would be able to take what they learned in school and apply it in their own home. But new research has shown us that we were wrong. Kids can’t take what they learned about fire drills at school and apply it at home.

That’s why we want every single family to sit down together and put together an escape plan! And then practice it! We will do everything we can to protect your family whether at school or home by teaching them fire safety and responding when we’re needed but we need your help at home too!

Here’s a grid to help get you started!

Once you have your plan, you can even make your home fire drills into games! Check out this link and click Fire Drill Games at the top!

So take a minute and make your home escape plan tonight!

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