Get Outta My Way . . .

Every year on the third Saturday of October, emergency service agencies, towing companies, and others observe National Move Over Day! This year, this observance day falls on October 20 – this Saturday! This is a day to bring awareness to local move over laws across the country.

Oregon’s own move over law just changed on January 1 of this year! This is a topic that is very close to us all given the number of firefighter line of duty deaths caused by drivers who do not move over or slow down – 16% last year. So much so that we posted about the new law and what it means for all of us back in December, right before the changes to the law went into effect!

This week, we’d like to remind you again to move over and slow down! We’d also like to go over a different type of move over!

When you see us in your rear view mirror or coming towards you on the road with our lights and/or sirens going – MOVE OVER. Let us pass! Let the ambulance and the law enforcement officers pass too!

  • Pull over as far to the right as you safely can. And don’t wait or try to see how far you can get before you have to pull over for us! This isn’t a game! It’s our lives, your lives, the lives of everyone else on the road including your passengers, and the lives of the people we are responding to!
  • Come to a complete stop. It’s not only the law but it is truly the safest for us, you, and your passengers!
  • Once we have passed, check your mirrors – we like to travel in pairs or even packs sometimes . . . Do you see any more emergency vehicles?
  • Pull back into the road nice and easy.
  • Don’t be that jerk at the end of the line who tries to turn this into an opportunity to pass everyone. It’s not safe! Wait your turn. It takes less than a minute.

Whether we’re trying to get pass you en route to a call or you’re trying to get pass us on scene, please remember to move over for everyone’s safety! It might mean a small inconvenience to your day but we could be responding to a family that’s having the worst day of their lives. Take a moment and help us out.


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