If you have a structure that needs to be demolished, you might be able to donate it to the fire department to complete a live fire training or burn-to-learn. Some restrictions apply.

The best times to donate a structure for live fire trainings are backyard burn periods, which are usually October 1-December 15 in the fall and March 1-June 15 in the spring. Structures cannot be burned, even if previously scheduled, when the temperature is 90°F or above, sustained wind speeds are greater than 15MPH, the relative humidity is less than 15% or there are thunderstorms, flooding, or freezing temperatures.

Before a structure can be burned, the owners must provide proof of ownership and certify that there is no longer any fire insurance on the house and no insurance claim will be filled and that the structure is not security for a deed, trust, or mortgage and that that there are no liens or encumbrances on the property. An authorized fire representative will need to walk through the property to check on the property’s location, proximity to other structures and/or vegetation, type and condition of the structure, availability of water sources, and the overall safety of a burn for fire personnel and the community. If approved, owners will need to ensure that all utilities are disconnected and removed and any septic tanks and/or drain fields are visibly marked and roped off prior to the scheduled burn. The property must have inspections to verify that there are no hazardous waste materials, including asbestos.

Owners are responsible for the clean up.


If you have a car that is no longer able to be driven, you can donate it to the fire department for an extrication class or demonstration. Owners need to provide proof of ownership. The owner needs to take the car’s title and insurance to their preferred wrecking yard. Owners are responsible for getting the car to the site picked by the fire department or to the wrecking yard as conditions require. The best time for a car donation is spring but they can be accepted year-round.


We accept monetary donations year-round. The Falls City Fire Association is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Donations could be used for anything from uniform shirts to community events. We also accept donations earmarked for specific purposes, such as a memorial fund.

Food and Water

Donations of food and water are appreciated and accepted year-round. After a large structure or wild fire, we are often asked by our community what is the best way for people to show their appreciation. Food and water donations are an excellent show of appreciation! We often have a running tab at Frink’s General Store and The Boondocks, particularly after a large fire. Community members are welcome to go in to either business and pay part of a tab or the entire tab as they see fit. Cases of water are also an excellent way to say thanks as your volunteers frequently go through cases of water during training and on scene.

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