Cruisin’ On Down Main Street . . .

Did you know that school buses are the safest way for kids to get to and from school? They are the most regulated vehicle on the road to help keep our kids safe! They also help cut down on traffic around schools!

Even with the extra safety regulations for buses, kids still need to use proper bus safety to ensure they get where they’re going safely! We think bus safety is so important that this year, your volunteers handed out these bus safety tips to welcome our students back to school at the elementary school!

One by one, we get on the bus.
Two by two, we sit without fuss.
Three, yes, three feet back from the street.
Four, yes, four, we’re home for a treat!
Five plus five more steps we should discuss
Before we cross in front of the bus!

Whether to get to and from school, sporting events, FACES field trips, or even just certain classes, our kids need to ride buses all the time. Talk with your kids of all ages to make sure that they remember how to ride the bus safely!

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