Community Activities

Throughout the year, your volunteers go into the community to do what we in the fire service call public education (pub ed). The volunteers provide the public with the information they need to stay safe, prevent fires, and react quickly and appropriately in an emergency. Here are a few of our pub ed efforts:

Fire Prevention Week School Visit
Once a year, often to coincide with National Fire Prevention Week in October, some of your volunteers visit the schools to teach the kids basic fire safety. Topics vary depending on grade level and include such lessons as Stop, Drop, and Roll and what to do in an emergency. This is also a great opportunity for the little ones to see the firefighters in the gear and to explore the fire engine!


School Safety Tips
Every so often throughout the school year, your fire volunteers go into the schools and deliver safety tips in the form of poems to the teachers and students, K-12. School districts are required to allot a certain amount of time to teaching our kids life safety skills. The school safety tip program helps the school district to meet a portion of that requirement. It also provides the kids with the opportunity to meet and interact with your volunteers in a non-emergency setting. This school year 2017-2018, teachers have even requested that we expand this program so that they can better integrate our tips into their required safety curriculum! Why are the tips in poem form? Things like rhythm and rhyme can actually help people of all ages remember things better! It is important to us that the kids remember these tips so they can remember how to keep themselves safe! And we hope that it makes our safety lesson a little bit more fun for the kids too!

Community CPR Classes
Our EMS Coordinator offers free, non-certified classes on CPR occasionally during the year to the community. The one night class features a lecture and time to practice – all under the guidance of a certified instructor and some of your very own volunteers!



Community Night
Community Night is hosted by the Falls City Service Integration Team in partnership with the FACES after-school program, It traditionally includes a free dinner, children’s activities, and resource information. We are proud to take part in this outreach event each year! Our table typically features fire prevention information and a raffle!


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