Burning Information

Unless conditions require otherwise:

Fall Backyard Burning is open from October 1-December 15

Spring Backyard Burning is open from March 1-June 15

For the daily agricultural and backyard burn information, you may call Polk County Fire District #1‘s burn line at 503-838-2020 or check below. Please note that the number provided by Willamette Valley Communications Center 9-1-1, 503-588-6420, is for Marion County only. Despite the proximity, Polk County and Marion County have different restrictions. There are days when Marion County can burn but Polk County cannot so please use the Polk 1 number listed above or the information below to help avoid fines.


Wondering about burning basics? What, when, and where you can burn? If your burn is considered an agricultural or a backyard burn? Check out these brochures from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality:

Falls City Open Burn Brochure

Burning Questions? A Guide to Burning Regulations in the Willamette Valley

If you need to file a burning complaint, please call the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Pollution Complaint Hotline at 1-888-997-7888 or you can now file a complaint online.


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