Our Service Area

We serve the 1,000 citizens of Falls City and the 1.2 square mile town’s visitors. Our jurisdiction within Southwest Polk Rural Fire Protection District adds an additional 18.125 square miles as well as a highway used to transport timber, a mountain bike trail park, two summer camps with events year-round, and farm- and timber-land as far as the eye can see. We also provide additional aid as necessary throughout the entire district’s 123 square miles and over 6,100 people.

Our main jurisdiction is within our town’s city limits and the SW Polk district within the boundary marked SW1201-N. Thanks to the City of Salem‘s Willamette Valley Communications Center for this map.

Through our city and district contracts we have mutual aid agreements with Dallas, Polk Fire District #1, the City of Salem, Amity Fire ┬áDistrict, Sheridan Fire District, and West Valley Fire District, totaling just over 631 square miles. It is not an uncommon request for us to provide standby coverage at a neighboring station or on scene support. Additionally, we have an agreement with the Oregon Department of Forestry, which oversees 1,094 square miles in Polk County, including timberland above and around our town and a Bureau of Land Management site which are included in our agreement. Last year, we responded to a total of 241 calls. 160 of those were within our own town’s boundaries while an additional 81 calls took us beyond our borders and into the districts we serve in the surrounding area.

Our mutual aid districts. Thank you to the Polk County GIS Division for this map!

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