Sharon Volk Greve

EMS Coordinator Volk Greve joined the department in October 2006. She joined her first fire department when she was 15 because she wanted to help people. She first became interested specifically in being a medic when she watch medics help her own family. When she moved to Falls City, she was invited to join the department when it was learned she had prior experience.

EMS Coordinator Volk Greve is also an EMT-Intermediate and the secretary of the association.

As the EMS Coordinator, she has an important job here at the station. She is responsible for the training of all of the department’s medics. EMS Coordinator keeps track of who attends medic meetings, coordinates with local and state agencies for accreditation and guest speakers, and is the primary EMS instructor for the department.

Her favorite part of being on the department are the people, who she describes as her second family. She also loves the chance to meet so many interesting people and to help them when they are in need of assistance. She likes to know that she can make a difference.

For the last 30 years, EMS Coordinator Volk Greve has traveled the Pacific Northwest providing safety training and consults to different companies and agencies. She is married with several stepchildren and an assortment of animals. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, gardening, drawing, painting, reading, and woodworking. She can also play 17 different musical instruments.

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