Mary Sykes

Assistant Chief Mary Sykes is the Training Officer for Falls City Fire. She has an incredibly important job here at the department! She is in charge of training all fire personnel! It’s her job to keep track of who attends drill and which classes each individual firefighter needs to progress; to coordinate with local and state agencies for joint training, accreditation, and guest speakers; and she is the primary fire and rescue instructor for the station!

AC Sykes is also a pyrotechnician, one of our three EMTs, and the lead baker for the Halloween party!

AC Sykes joined the fire service in October 1979 in California, initially wanting to become a medic, she quickly realized how much she enjoyed fighting fires and made the switch. She joined Falls City in August of 1989 after moving to the area and wishing to continue her fire service in her new home. She started on the department as a Firefighter and Assistant Training Officer and has worked her way up to her current rank and title. She is now one of the highest ranking women in Polk County!

Her favorite part of being on the department is the training, particularly extrication and rope classes – although she is also pretty fond of fighting fires and setting off fireworks!

In her spare time, she enjoys doing crafts, reading, and spending time with her family and dogs.

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