Lori Albert

Engineer Lori Albert joined the fire and EMS fields in 1992. Initially, she wanted to become a rescue diver. Her first department required their rescue divers to complete basic firefighter training so she went through their academy. She ended up really loving the fire service and made the decision to continue training as a firefighter.

Engineer Albert joined Falls City Fire in March 2011. She joined because she wanted a department that was more volunteer-based than her last department and had a strong membership.

Engineer Albert is also one of the department’s two current EMT-Intermediates well as as being a pyrotechnician, a Junior mentor, and a longtime member of the Oregon Fire Service Honor Guard!

She has no other official titles but she volunteers for a lot of different things, from grant writer to being a co-organizer of Halloween to recording our call reports to making sure that the SW Polk Fire Board has hot coffee and treats to whatever we need at whatever community event is going on! As you can see, she is also quite the character!

Her favorite part of being on the department is the altruism. She loves that everyone works together in the best interests of both the community and families we serve and each other and our own families.

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