Jon Creekmore

Battalion Chief Jon Creekmore joined the department in October of 2007. He joined after learning that more firefighters had been needed at a large forest fire earlier that year.

BC Creekmore is the battalion chief assigned to the fire division and is the supervising officer for our chaplain. He is also an EMR and the vice president of the Association.

His favorite part about being on the department is working with the people. He enjoys his leadership role as well as helping to teach. His other favorite part is getting to help his community. The Creekmore family has made it a priority to serve their community and, for BC Creekmore, the fire department is one of the ways he chooses and enjoys to do so. He likes that he gets to later see the people he has helped on calls – he believes it is important for the community to know that we are all here for each other.

He has a wonderful wife who is also active in the community and four children, one of whom, Jonathan, has joined the department as well. He enjoys volunteering with his church, hunting, fishing, and baseball cards.

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